Relocationg to Johnston County?

Make Your Move a Little Bit Easier!

Even if you're just packing up and heading across the street, moving can be a pain! If you're relocating from outside the area or outside the state... well it can be downright tricky! I want to help make your move just a little less stressful, so I've gathered up some of the best tips I've heard throughout my years of helping buyers and sellers move around the Triangle. Still have questions or need more tips? Give me a call any time!

Before You Move

The best way to enjoy a low-stress move is to get—and stay—organized. Which means taking some time to plan and prepare before moving day.

Get Organized

Take some time to go through your belongings and restore them to their proper places. Starting organized will make packing and labeling—and unpacking—much easier in the long run.


Decluttering kills two birds with one stone—you're simplifying your move AND making your house look a whole lot better, all at once! As you organize your belongings, you'll likely come across a few things you probably don't use or need any more. Sort out these items and consider donating or hosting a yard sale to lighten up a bit. Remember, the less stuff you have, the less stuff you'll have to move!

Set up utilities

The last thing you want is to move into your new home... only to discover the electricity has been turned off! Find out who your new utility providers will be and give them a call to ensure you can transfer or start service in time for your move. Electricity and water are the big ones, but you'll likely want to have internet service as well. And while you're at it, you might want to forward your address with the post office, too.

Handy Packing Tips

  • Reinforce: Use heavy, reinforced boxes to avoid breaks and other accidents.
  • Innovate: Why buy bubble wrap when you can use towels, blankets, or even clothes to protect delicates?
  • Pack small: Heavy objects should be packed in small boxes to avoid making them difficult to carry—and overloading boxes.
  • Prepare: Create an "open me first" box containing the most important items you'll need right away—soap, toilet paper, tools, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Label, label, label! Every box you pack should have a label—the room to which it belongs, what's inside, and its order of importance.

On Moving Day

All right, you're packed up and ready to go and moving day is here. Here's how to proceed for a low-stress experience.

Take a personal bag

You should always keep your most important personal items and necessities with you—documents, medicine, cash, phone and phone charger, toiletries. This way, if you arrive before you moving truck, you won't be left without your essentials.

Do one last walkthrough

Once all your belongings have been moved out, make sure to do one last thorough walkthrough to make sure nothing has been left behind. Check all the nooks, crannies, corners, and cupboards where lingering belongings might be hiding.

After You Move

Congrats: you made it to your new home! But it's not time to start ripping open boxes juuust yet. Here's what needs to happen first.

Clean first

Your home is empty and cleaning will never be easier than it is now—before all the stuff is unpacked and moved in. So as much as you just want to be done with the unpacking, don't start yet. You'll be glad when it's all over that you took some time to clean first.

Unpack by room

Unload boxes into their proper rooms, then begin the unpacking process starting with the most important rooms—like kitchen, main bedrooms, and bathroom. Once you've got these unpacked, then you can focus on the family room bookshelf or the basement rec room.

Enjoy your new home

Congrats: you survived moving day! Welcome to your new home!

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